Fiction: Legal Theft Project — Unwanted Customer (331 words)

29 Sep

[This is a take two of a Legal Theft Project.  This has the same first line as yesterday, but it’s a different story.  Enjoy.)

The rage surging across her skin was probably making her stupid, funny how she didn’t care.  Heidi let her feet carry her—against her better judgment, perhaps—around the counter, and she slapped the customer hard across the face.

Everything stood still.  Clark, her co-worker on the floor, just gaped at her.  The red-headed woman just stood there with Heidi’s handprint glowing on her cheek.  Even Heidi herself was lost for words in the moment.  But, then she found some words.  “Get the fuck out of this store.”

Clark found some words too.  “Heidi, you can’t—“but he was cut off by a single look from Heidi.

“You don’t know who this woman is,” she informed him sharply.

“No, but—“

“Then stay out of it, Clark!” Heidi returned her attention to the woman now rubbing at her cheek.  “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Heidi, please—Let me explain.”  The redhead spoke softly an friendly enough, but Heidi was not having any of it.

“You need to leave.  My brother’s protective order covers members of his household, and if you don’t leave right now. I will call the cops.”

“Heidi—I—“ Heidi reached over the counter and grabbed the store’s cordless phone.  The red-head threw up her hands in surrender. “I’m going—I’m going. But this isn’t over.”

Heidi smiled for the first time since the woman came in. “Oh, but it is.  Good bye.”

The woman watched Heidi’s finger hover over the dial pad, before hurrying out of the store.  Heidi waited until the door completely shut behind her, before setting the phone back in it’s cradle and slinking back behind the counter to hid and hyperventilate a little.

Clark came over to stand near her.  “What the hell was that?”

Heidi tried to take a deep breath and looked up at him. “Complicated.  That is very complicated.”

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