Fiction: Legal Theft Project– Thunder Coming (232 words)

27 Sep

Thunderheads battled their way past the mountains, rumbling with the promise of a drenching.  Leanne froze in mid run, almost falling flat as she stumbled to a stop, turning to look towards the mountains with wide eyes.  She earned herself a quick shove in the back from her cousin Archie.  “Come on, city girl. We don’t have time for you to hide under the covers.”

“I wish you’d top calling me city girl,” Leanne complained over the wind, “I was born on this farm too, you know.”

“Yeah—then you proved yourself to be a genius and prodigy and went to school for ten years in the big city,” Archie spit back.  He didn’t even sound out of breath from the run, and Leanne hated him a little bit for that. “So, city girl it is.  Grab those last two doors quickly. We’ve still got a lot to do before drops start to fall.”

“I hate you,” Leanne called, slamming a door into place and latching it tightly.

“Yeah, yeah,” Archie laughed. “When it starts really coming down we can go inside and do some high level mathematics so you can feel superior again.”

Leanne wouldn’t dare say aloud how okay she was with that plan.  After a morning of being bad at working on the farm, it would be a breath of fresh air to be good at math again.

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