Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Gaming Bets (223 words)

25 Sep

They gleefully threw him, head first and screaming, into the heart of the volcano.  In slow motion, they watched him tumble, spinning and yelling until he hit the red and yellow wall, and then the screen went gray and the bright blue “Game Over” took up most of their view.

Devon threw the game controller down on the couch and watched as it bounced off the pillow and fell to the ground.  “You guys suck.  I hate you all.”

Wendy laughed and stretched.  “You bet that we couldn’t beat you in any way.  You never said we had to play fair.”

“And strictly speaking, freezing your character and throwing him into the volcano is not against the rules,” Mary added.

“The ladies have an excellent point,” Dylan agreed.

Devon sighed and handed each of them a twenty-dollar bill.  “Okay, fine. But I want a re-match, right here, right now, no volcanos.”

“Double or nothing?” Wendy prompted, looking at her twenty with a smile.

“Yeah. Easily.  But no volcanos,” Devon repeated.

Mary, Wendy, and Dylan shared a look.  Had Devon been a more observant man, he would have known there was a plan already in place. He was about to be a very broke man.

“Okay, we have a deal,” Mary shook Devon’s hand, “Hit reset.”

Devon laughed himself straight to an empty wallet.

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