Fiction: Legal Theft Project– Human and Co. (353 words)

24 Sep

“Where is your human?” Liam looked up from his notebook and blinked silently at Jon. “Oh you know what I meant,” Jon muttered crankily.

“Is that what you call her? When I’m not around you call her my human?”  Liam asked, closing the book carefully.

“Well, she lives with two witches, works for a psychic and is dating a werewolf—all with no discernible supernatural ability of her own. What are we supposed to call her?” Jon asked, fidgeting with something on the corner of the desk.

“Well, how about my girlfriend if we absolutely must refer to her in relation to me.  Or, you know, in a strange twist of events we could call her Beth, you know, her name. Imagine that.”  Liam was a little on edge today, which was never a good time to mess with Liam, let alone, piss him off.

Jon scratched at the back of his head and looked at Liam with a hint of desperation. “Beth knows we call her the human. She thinks it’s cute—and if I’m not mistaken she takes a point of pride that she doesn’t have any boost in the crazy world she’s deal with.  I don’t know. You can fight that out with her later.  Still, where is she? I have too much to do to sit here and argue with you.”

Liam considered Jon for a moment, before deciding that right now it would be a pointless argument, and convincing himself that it was just the moon pulling at his blood that made him want to fight this to the death.  It was easier just to move on.  “She’s in the back in her shed.  Working on a stone project or something.  To be honest the logistics went over my head.”

“Thank you,” Jon sighed, rubbing at an eye tiredly in relief that they weren’t going to have to fight, “and sorry, for what it’s worth.”

Liam made a small non-committal noise in the back of his throat, and turned back to his book.  He didn’t look up see Jon make his way to the back of the house.


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