Fiction: Legal Theft Project — Wedding Night (299 words)

23 Sep

Blue suit jacket open and tie undone, he smiled at her.  “We did it,” Tyler laughed, falling heavily on the bed, “We did it and no one objected and no one got into a fist fight and only one person got so drunk he had to be escorted out and we did it.”

“We did do it,” Alice propped herself up on her side to get a better look at him, “Did you really think that someone was going to object?”

He gave half a shrug. “I don’t know.  Your friends are weird. They might have objected for a laugh.”

She opened her mouth to deny it, but thought better of it. “You have an excellent point.”   She leaned in to kiss him. “I’m just glad your friends didn’t try to start a mosh pit.”

He pulled an arm around her, snuggling next to her. “Yeah. Not for the lack of trying, though.  Dave really tried to get it going.  I told him he could start one at my next wedding.”

“You plan on getting married again?” she asked, too tired to even try to look offended.

“Nope. It got Dave to shut up, and I never have to follow through.  I call it a win-win.”

“Mm.”  She replied, her eyes closed now.

He lifted his arm to nudge her and make some inappropriate comment about the wedding night and what they should be doing, but he couldn’t muster the energy to get that far.  He rolled over just a little, tried to decide how uncomfortable his pants would be to sleep in, and lost even that train of thought.  He rolled over just a little to pull his wife—yes, wife—a little closer. “I love you.”

“mm, too,” he heard before he drifted off to sleep.

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