Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Blessings and Payment (190 words)

21 Sep

There were stories about her kind, stories old as islands and only slightly younger than the names of the stars. A woman like her would blow into town, lay hands on anyone who asked for it, and those people would walk away with two predictions and one piece of advice. If they followed her advice, then things would always improve in their lives, getting better than they could have ever dreamed of. But no matter how good things got, her two predictions would always come true. Sometimes, only one of them was bad—but at least one was always bad, and if you followed her advice and took her blessing—well, then you took her curse too.

So, be very careful before you join the line to meet her. Don’t think you can beat her—because shes ancient and more powerful than anyone could begin to imagine. But maybe, if there is something you want strong enough, then she’s worth it. But be sure. Always be sure that you have nothing you aren’t willing to lose. Because if there is just one thing you can’t live without—she’s sure to take it.

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