Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Destinies (178 words)

20 Sep

The most dangerous place in Jaon was the open stone court where the philosophers claimed their favorite seats between the pillars.  That stone court could make or break your entire lives.  What those philosophers had to say about you, what they thought about you, what they told the world about you, that was what your reputation became.  It took a lot of work to over come what they thought or to change their minds.

That’s why I never went in there, not even once, when I was growing up.  Everyone else went in, to see what the philosophers had to say, to have their lives laid out before them, but I didn’t.  To be honest, I didn’t want to know.  If they were going to dictate my life, I wanted to create my own future for as long as I could first. I’m one of the oldest people in Jaon to not step foot in the courtyard.

Who knows? Maybe I can die without them telling me my role.  Maybe I can make my own life for myself.

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