Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Chased from Town (200 words)

19 Sep

“You are the reason we have been banned from four countries.”  She looked proud at his accusation, and although he wanted to be angry, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Your sticky fingers are going to get us kicked out of every civilized nation on the planet.  We’re going to have to live forever on the sea.”

“My sticky fingers are what made us able to afford this beautiful boat,” she countered, rubbing a hand lovingly on the railing she stood by, “My sticky fingers have been in forty seven different countries, and only gotten us banned from four. Besides.” She pushed herself off the rail, and stepped close to him, his hand coming down to wrap around her waist automatically, from pure habit.  “Would it really be so bad to live forever on the sea with me? We could make our own schedules, follow only the whims of the wind and ourselves.  We could make our own little kingdom, and have a bunch of fat little babies who don’t know how to walk on steady land.   We could have a nation all our own.”

“Well,” he sighed, kissing her gently on the temple, “When you put it like that.”

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