Fiction: Legal Theft Project– Changing Choices (289 words)

18 Sep

No one had to tell her that everything was about to change.  Micayla knew that as soon as she went into that meeting, exactly 13 hours and 22 minutes from now, that she would walk out literally (at least mentally) a different person.  She wouldn’t even really know who she was anymore.  These were her last few hours as Micayla.

So, that just left the question of what to do about Nathan—should she tell him or not?

After all, this would be her last chance to say it.  Her last moments to tell Nathan that she was head of heels in love with the guy, and had been—for a while.  But, was that really fair—to say she loved him—to have him love her back (because she already knew that he loved her back) to have a few moments together, only to have Micayla as a person completely disappear. Would this new version, the Kayla she was turning herself into, care for Nathan?  Even if she did, would Nathan feel the same about her?

A jealous part of Micayla kind of hoped he wouldn’t.  Even though it would still be her—it wouldn’t be her—and now she was starting to make her head hurt.  Thinking about who she would be was—weird.

But it didn’t get her any closer to the answer to the question.  Did she let Nathan know what could have been? If Micayla’s hadn’t been what it was and she didn’t have to change, she and Nathan could have been something spectacular.  Did she let that what if live on through him? Or did she keep her mouth shut, and find out where Kayla and Nathan were going to land?

She really couldn’t decide.


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