Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Robbery (256 words)

17 Sep

She had only heard gunshots at a distance.  She’d never been in real trouble, and she’d never been in real danger. Not in her entire life.  Not until that day.

He had promised that he didn’t want to hurt anyone, and that as long as everyone stayed calm and followed his rules, then they’d all be getting out fine.  But things had gone south regardless, and he needed a hostage.  If he was going to get out, he needed a, as crass as it sounded, a human shield to make sure that no one was going to surprise him. He asked, slightly hysterical, if there were any volunteers. He wasn’t expecting an answer.

But she raised her hand and stood up slowly. Her co-workers had small children.  She couldn’t let him pick one of them.  He looked concerned at her standing, but she explained herself quickly. “I’m young, I’m female, I’m attractive, and I’m white.  The media will eat me up.  They’ll paint you in a bad light, but I’m willing to bet that they won’t risk hurting me.”

“Willing to bet your life, huh?” he laughed slightly.  “Okay. Okay, Come here. Let’s go.”

He put the gun to the side of her head, and amazingly she just thought about hold cold it was.  It didn’t feel like her life was in danger. It just—was.  But she saw her co-worker peaking around the corner of the counter.  That woman was going to get to go home and hug her daughter.  Worst case scenario—worth it.


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