Fiction: Legal Theft Project- Sibling Eavesdropping (175 words)

15 Sep

As quietly as the two men were speaking, he still heard them, and he was sure they didn’t care.  After all, why should they care? Richard was powerless to do anything about it. It wasn’t like he could say anything to change their minds or prevent their plans.  Even if Richard took everything he’d heard and run away to someone who could have influence, who would believe him? The third son of a not all that wealthy family, destined to have almost no inheritance, suddenly determined to paint his older brothers as demons and criminals—No, no one would believe a word Richard had to say against George and Edward.

So, they planned their parents’ demise in hushed voices, and Richard sat nearby, helplessly listening.  All he could hope was they’d slip up, reveal too much, give him an in to prevent this all from happening, at least long enough to get some friends in place. If he couldn’t stop them—he could at least try to profit from it.

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