Fiction: Legal Theft Project–Illness Recovery (432 words)

14 Sep

Oranges meant vitamin C, and vitamin C meant a swifter recovery. A swifter recovery meant she could get more done, and getting more done meant that not so much rested on his shoulders.

Or at least, that’s what logic he imagined she followed when he came home to find his fiancée lightly snoring on the couch surrounded by tissues and at least six oranges’ worth of peels. He tried not to laugh as he set to cleaning up as much of the trash as he could.  Waking up in a mess would not make her feel any better, and he did want her to feel better—just maybe not the eat six oranges in one sitting kind of want.

He moved a tissue and upset the tissue box, and winced as it made a soft ‘smack’ as it fell on its side.  It wasn’t that loud, but he was pretty sure it would be loud enough to wake up his light-sleeper-even-when-she-doesn’t-have-a-hard-time-breathing-through-her-nose love. He heard her shift, and turned just fast enough to see her pull herself up into a sitting position, blinking slowly, before making a half blind lunge for one of the binders near her on the couch. “I was planning.” She said by way of explanation.

“No, you were sleeping,” he countered, taking the binder out of her loose grip, “You should go back to the bedroom and continue that action.”

“We have a wedding to plan,” she protested without any real heart to it, “I’m not doing my share.”

“You’re doing plenty.  And I promise, there will still be a wedding to plan after you have a good night’s sleep. Okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed, accepting his arm to help her stand up and walk towards the bedroom, “Okay. One good night’s sleep, but tomorrow you have to make me start pulling my weight. Dope me up with Sudafed and send me to a cake shop.”

They both knew that wouldn’t happen. They both knew he would pamper her throughout the cold, just the way she’d pamper him through any illness he got. But, for the sake of pre-sleep peace he sighed, “Sure. Tomorrow morning, Sudafed and a cake shop.”

“Good,” she sighed as she crawled under the comforter.

He kissed on the head and almost let it go, but he just couldn’t help himself.  “How long did it take you to eat six oranges?”

She smiled without opening her eyes.  “About ninety minutes.  And for the record, it was seven.”



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