Legal Theft Project: An Explanation

10 Sep

The rules for the Legal Theft project are simple:

1) Write something
2) Give the first line of your piece to another person
3) Don’t show them the original piece until they’ve written their own, using the same first line
4) Laugh or stand in awe of how differently or similarly your creative minds work

My good friend Gwendolyn over at  Apprentice, Never Master and I started this silly project almost three years ago. Gwen and I  experimented with it alone for a couple of months before grabbing a whole handful of other friends and dragged them into the experiment with us.

However, I have fallen drastically behind in my agreement with my friends to write stories with the lines they’ve given me–in a large part due to the fact that the blog I was using to complete those tasks has fallen in large part by the wayside so that I could dedicate more time to this blog.

So, for the next month or so, I’ll be completing all the Legal Theft Project stories that I have been so delinquent on. Once I get caught up, then every Friday, you’ll see my Legal Theft story for that week, whether it be with a line that I let my friends steal, or a line that I stole from their story. I hope that you enjoy these stories as much as my friends and I have.

You can see a whole list of all our past works over HERE.

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