Fiction: Back To School (329 words)

09 Sep

Barty paused his game as Cecily walked into the room.  She came in quietly, so he knew he was in for a show.  She crossed to the carpet in between the TV and the coffee table, before falling dramatically to her knees.  “Let it be known that I only have myself to blame,” she wailed before grabbing at her neck and falling the rest of the way to the ground.

He set down the Xbox controller and pulled himself up.  He stared down at her with a smile, before nudging her side gently with his toe.  “Homework kicking your ass, huh?”

She rolled over and flopped out like a starfish. “Why did I decide to go back to school? Why would I think that going back was a good idea? Why would I do this to me?”

Barty pretended to think for a second before rattling of the excuses that he had been giving since the beginning of the semester. “Because you wanted to better yourself. You want to open up better job opportunities. Dad agreed to pay your tuition as long as you gave it a fair shot.”

Cecily rocked back and forth a little before pulling herself into a sitting position. “Oh. Right. That.”

Barty waited a second longer before being the slight irresponsible brother that Cecily needed. “I think it’s fair to say you’ve earned a break, though.  Want to go head to head for a round or two?”

For a girl who was pretending to be dead mere moments ago, she moved quickly.  She was up and on the couch and holding the player two controller before he could blink.  “You are so going down.”

“Okay. Best two out of three. Then back to work,” Barty scolded like they weren’t both adults and like he had any kind of authority over her.

“Yeah, Yeah.  If you win.”  Cecily taunted, getting more comfortable on the couch.  Barty could only hope that her homework wasn’t due tomorrow.

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