Fiction: The Unmarried General (182 words)

06 Sep

The battle was officially over, and Liz had officially lost.  Finn had married Bette. Bette had won the war of the Elizabeths and gone home with the ultimate prize, Sean Finnegan.

Liz had decided that she’d spend the evening with the consolation prize of a big bottle of wine and a package of Mega Stuffed Oreos. After all, who was she trying to impress.  The war was over and Liz was retiring.

But, actually–Maybe only a little bit of wallowing in the loss was allowed. Liz did want to stay in fighting shape–Just in case.  If Finn was around for a little bit of behind enemy lines (read as cheating) then Liz was going to be around.  You know–Just in case.

Not that she really thought Finn was the kind of man to run behind enemy lines, mind you.  But, if Liz lost her illusions that she might have a chance, then what was the point. She’d take him, any way she could get him.

And for the first time, Liz wondered if she actually was the bad guy in their story.

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