Fiction: Friend Time (297 words)

05 Sep

“So, you and Ollie then, huh?” Alexa asked, swinging her legs off the edge of the bench.

“Yeah.  Kind of, is that cool?”  Finley asked, sliding to sit down next to Alexa.

Alexa gave a shrug, and picked at a splinter in the wood.  “It’s not really for me to say, is it?  If you to like each other–that’s what it is.  I’m not part of that relationship.”

“Well, yeah, I guess  But know that Ollie would agree when I say we don’t want to hurt you.  We don’t want to excluded you or make you feel like you’re not still part of the team.  You’re still our best friend. It’s still the three of us against the world.” Finley insisted.

“No. No it’s not,” Alexa laughed, “No. It’s you and Ollie against the world now, with the occasionally assist from Alexa, because lets face it at some point you’re going to need my help. But–” Alexa put up a hand quickly to stop Finley from protesting. “It’s okay.  We knew this would happen eventually.  They say love is inevitable.”

“I guess–” Finley offered lightly, “We just–I just don’t want to lose you.”

Alexa laughed at that even louder.  “Oh, Fin.  You won’t lose me. No, I’m not part of the go to team anymore.  Ollie’s going to be your best friend from now on, and eventually I’ll find a new best friend too.  But of course I’ll still be around. You can’t get rid of me that easy.”  Alexa bumped her shoulder into Finley.  “Although, if you start wearing all pink frilly dresses and doodling ‘Finley and Oliver 4eva’ on things, I can promise you will never be able to find me again. Understand?”

Finley laughed, and extended a pinky for a pinky swear. “Perfectly understood.”

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