Fiction: Open Honesty (355 words)

04 Sep

The most important part of the whole thing was honestly. Mackey and Anne entered a relationship without really realizing that was what they were doing.  Mackey was a guitarist in a band that didn’t actually tour much more than an hour or two away from home.  Anne was a ghost writer and reviewer for a whole slew of online sites.  She was sent in to review his band for a local flavor piece and ended up going back to his place for the night. They were both one and done kind of people—so they went out of pancakes after getting very little sleep, and parted with no exchange of numbers and no hard feelings.

Anne was shocked to find herself look up where Mackey’s band was going to play a week later, and inviting her girlfriends to go out dancing there, and Mackey was shocked to realize he was glad to see her there.

They found a strange rhythm between them.  They liked to hang out together.  They really enjoyed sleeping together. They found they could trust each other.  He called her when he was having a break down and really need someone to come talk to him, or more listen to him talk.  She called him when her dad was sick, and he sat with her at the hospital as her dad died during surgery. They loved each other—but they weren’t exclusive kind of people.

So, they decided that they were in a relationship. They rented out an apartment together and declared it neutral ground, and nine nights out of ten, they came home to the same bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. But, every now and then he’d be approached by a really good-looking groupie, or she’d go out with her girlfriends and find someone she just couldn’t take her eyes off for the night.

So, it came down to honesty.  As long as there was no lying, there was no problem. It seemed like the perfect deal for the both of them—

So naturally, they both had bets on when they thought it would all fall apart.

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