Fiction: Middle Child Syndrome (447 words)

01 Sep

Sean hated being the only normal child in his family. His mother had magical abilities, and his father was the son of magical father–which meant that magic ran strongly in his family, and Sean lost the genetic lottery.  His older brother and sister, Jonny and Shelli, were both the highest ranked members of their respective classes. His younger brother Steve was a child prodigy, so he started school a full two years before the average student started, and carried is own weight with amazing ease.  His siblings could do all kinds of things that were–well, literally magical.  Sean had a hard time even pulling off a basic card trick that he tried to learn out of pure boredom.

The only plus to being the “simple” child, as Jonny called Sean when he thought Sean wasn’t listening, was that he did get a fair amount of spoiling where his parents tried to overcompensate. He had his own bedroom, where Jonny and Steve had to share.  He never wore any of Jonny’s hand me downs. He got his own car on the day he turned sixteen, brand new off the lot. And he got his own television and gaming console in his bedroom.  This was all nice and well, but was a little underhanded when anyone of his siblings could coat his bed in maple syrup with not much more than a thought.  That was especially bad when Sean was already in his bed.

So, it came as no surprise to anyone when Sean decided to leave home less than forty eight hours after his eighteenth birthday.  He wasn’t sure what he was going to do with his life, but he wanted to be away from the family–away from the sibling inadequacy issues, away from a house where he did his chores manually while his siblings did it from the comfort of their own rooms in half the time, and especially away from the knowledge that if he had an argument with his siblings, no matter how small, meant that he would wake up with maple syrup everywhere.

He had no plan. He had no goals. He had nothing in mind except getting away.  He packed up all the excellent sorry your siblings are magical gifts his parents had given him into his still only two year old car, and drove off. He swore he was done with the supernatural community as a whole.  He was going to be a normal person, live a normal life, and deny any other ways of life existed.

He knew even then that promise was a complete and utter lie. But he was surprised that he was dragged back in quite so quickly.

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