Fiction: Sister’s Code (318 words)

31 Aug

“It got out of control again, didn’t it?”
Macy couldn’t look up. She couldn’t meet her sister’s eyes. Not like this. Not now. Not–again. “I can handle it, Bridgette. You don’t have to worry about me.”
“Well, clearly I do!” Bridgette raising her voice has long since stopped being the scare tactic that it once was. Macy started to zone out, knowing that she was just going to hear a raised voice lecture about responsibility and self-awareness and what it meant to live up to the family name. To be honest, Macy could not have cared less. She’d not cared all that much about the family name when her father was still alive, and now that he was gone, there was nothing that she cared about less. If it weren’t for the fact it was still required on all legal documents–and it did occasionally get her into some really posh events–Macy would have done away with the family name ages ago.
But then Bridgette reached out and flicked Macy hard in the nose. Macy blinked hard as her eyes started water. “What in the world was that for?”
“You obviously don’t care. You don’t care about our family, you don’t care about our parents, you don’t care about anything I have to say.” Bridgette said sternly, “Tell me, Macy. Do you even love me as a sister?”
Macy hadn’t been expecting that. “Of course I love you, Bridge–You are my sister and you are the only family I have left. I do love you.”
“Then for the love of all things good,” Bridgette sighed, “Remember, that it’s my family name too. Every time you drag your name through the mud, you are making my life a little bit harder. Do you think you can manage to remember that?”
Macy nodded quietly, and made a mental note–when she left town, she needed to change her family name.

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