Fiction: Home Alone (282 words)

30 Aug

She was baffled by how many time she had to explain that she actually enjoyed being alone.   Not always alone, of course, she would hate to spend her life in solitary confinement–that would be too much introversion even for her. But a day alone in her room, no human interaction for a solid twelve hours, eating, reading, watching TV and goofing off with video games all on her own schedule–That just sounded like heaven to her.
But, anytime she revealed those were her plans, there were always the invitations. She could go to the bookstore with them. She could come out for lunch and movie. She could ride along as he did some errands–it wouldn’t be exactly thrilling but at least they’d both have some company.
And then there were the awkward refusals, and no proper way to explain why she’d rather sit alone at home then deal with anyone else. Every now and then, she found a friend who would look at her with a knowing smile, and say no more about her day alone. Most of the time though, she found that her friends accepted it, even if they didn’t understand it. In the few rare and disappointing cases, she had people insist she was lying, insist that she didn’t like them anymore, and if she just wanted to blow them off she should be up front about it. That was no big loss though, because if they didn’t understand that she would be up front with them about that, they probably weren’t really worth being friends with anyway.
So she explained herself, again and again. And she sat alone in her room and was perfectly happy to be there.

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Posted by on August 30, 2015 in Stories


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