Fiction: Daydreams (225 words)

27 Aug

He made coming to work fun for her.  He didn’t know, of course.  It wasn’t something that she could ever admit without enduring all kinds of ridicule from her co-workers. He was the new guy, and spent more time second guessing his job than he did doing things correctly.  She had been working there for at least five years and could do (and had done) her job hung over after two hours of sleep without missing a single beat.  During their shifts, it was a lot of him trying and her correcting.  Sometimes, they got a little frustrated with each other.

But in their down times, the slow moments, he was funny, and he was kind.  And it really didn’t hurt anything that he was easy on the eyes.  She’d developed quite the crush that she’d never act on.  After all, new kids didn’t often stick around, and it wasn’t like they we really friends outside of work.  But when someone had to take the shift with the new guy, she always volunteered.  It was a win, win.  She looked like a good co-worker by helping train him and let the other experienced workers off the hook. And she had eight hours’ worth of eye candy.

And if she wanted to daydream about them becoming something more? Well, what was really the harm in that?

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Posted by on August 27, 2015 in Stories


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