Fiction: Visions (391 words)

26 Aug

“Ow.”  It was the softest noise that Conlyn thought he’d ever heard, but when he saw how Harlowe immediately tensed like she was about to jump into battle, he realized something might be wrong.  He turned just in time to see Hana clutch her head and stumble backwards a few steps, but then Harlowe was there with a hand around Hana’s waist, guiding her to the couch to sit carefully.

“What’s going on?” Conlyn asked, but Harlowe ignored the question.

“Get a hot rag from the kitchen, and a glass of water.” Conlyn still wanted to know what was going on, but he knew better than to ignore a direct order from Harlowe, especially if it was Hana’s health that hung in the balance.  He ran into the kitchen and got the cloth and the glass of water and brought them back to the living room, standing awkwardly until he knew what to do with them.

Hana looked white as a sheet, her head angled to the ground but her eyes moving quickly like she was watching a whole scene unfolding on the floor in front of her, flinching even from the gentle touches of her sister who was trying to keep her from falling over.  He just stood in shock for five, ten, fifteen minutes before Hana suddenly sank back into the couch cushions, looking like someone had just decided to deflate her.  Harlowe stuck her hand out towards Conlyn without taking her eyes off Hana, and said “Rag.”  He put the rag in her outstretched fingers, and watched as Harlowe wrapped the rag around her sister’s neck in careful well practiced motions. Slowly, the color started to come back to Hana’s face, and Conlyn took a few steps closer.

After a second or so longer, Hana blinked and looked up.  “Can someone get me some water?” She asked barely above a whisper.

“Here,” Conlyn offered her the cup that he was already holding, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.  I’ll be fine.  It’s just—“she stopped and gave her head a little shake before drinking half the glass in one gulp.

“What was that?”  Conlyn asked, looking up to Harlowe.

“That? That was a vision of the sisterhood,” Harlowe answered without looking up, “When she’s ready to tell us, Hana has just seen something that someone thinks we need to know.”

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