Fiction: The Baby (408 words)

25 Aug

“He’s so small,” Aden smiled, cradling their baby in his arms as he stood by her bedside.  She laughed and cried at the same time, only partly due to the cocktail of hormones pumping through her body at the moment.  She’d done it—they had a beautiful baby boy, her son, and his father was there holding him carefully. “He’s so tiny.  What if I drop him?” Aden looked up at her with worried eyes.

“Well—Don’t.” She advised.

He nodded sagely, like she’d just revealed the meaning of life to him. “Don’t drop him.  Okay. That’s good.” He looked back down at the squished pink face.  “This is amazing, Brenna.  I know that it’s—complicated, this boy and me and you.  But—thank you for letting me be here—letting me be a part of this moment and letting me be a part of his life.”

“It is complicated, Aden—but it was always going to be complicated.  Besides, none of this was your fault, or his fault, or my fault—so why would I let any of us suffer.  Let me say this right now, so that my belief is clear and there is no confusion in the future. As far as I am concerned, you are that boy’s father. The three of us are a family.  Add Demi, and we’re an extended family. We’ll have to figure out some of the legal workings—but as far as we should think, should say socially, we’re a family.  Deal?”

Aden could only tear his eyes away from the little boy for a second to smile up at Brenna, but she understood that.  “Deal.  Thank you so much.  I’ll never be able to make this up to you.”

“So—“  Brenna shifted to the side of the bed, and Aden crawled carefully into bed next to her, handing over their son she could hold him close as well.  “What do you think we should name him?”

Aden reached out to touch the little boy’s nose gently.  “You want me to be a part of naming him? Really?”

“Oh Aden,”  Brenna laughed, resting her head against his shoulder, “What part of ‘You’re his father’ aren’t you getting?”

“Oh—oh yeah.”  Aden laughed too, and the little boy stirred slightly in his sleep.  Both new parents were ridiculously still for a moment, to make sure he wouldn’t wake any further, but then Aden whispered.  “Well—What do you think about Tommy?”

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