Fiction: On the Walk (310 words)

22 Aug

Hana blinked slowly. Normally, it wouldn’t be the kind of thing that either Harlowe or Conlyn would have noticed–the speed of Hana’s blinking not being something that was high on the priority list, but since this was the first time they were going out since her injuries–everything about Hana was their top priority.  They descended on her so quickly that Hana almost fell over just from their “helpfulness.”

“Guys—I was injured—weeks ago. The doctors assured me that I am fine. I feel fine.  If anything suddenly changes in regards to that, I’ll let you know.” Conlyn managed to look a little guilty of his overprotectiveness, but Harlowe just watched her sister like a hawk for a moment longer.  Just in case. When Hana responded with two very rude hand gestures, Harlowe finally turned and started to walk back down the path.

“How long do you think it will take before I am treated like a self-sufficient human being again?”  Hana asked Conlyn, continuing with the rude gesture to the back of her sister’s head a moment longer than was strictly necessary.

“I don’t know.  I’m going to say ‘a while.’”  Conlyn answered, linking an arm with Hana as they walked a few paces behind Harlowe.

“I see your ‘a while’ and I raise you ‘ages,’” Hana laughed, accepting Conlyn’s arm.  She never would have admitted it, but she was already getting tired from the walk.  But that wasn’t an injury thing—that was a she’d been lying in bed for three weeks thing. She could push it a little further before worrying.

“Yeah well.  She’s your sister. It’s her job to worry less than a month after you’ve nearly been stabbed to death.  At the very least.” Conlyn smiled down at him, “I don’t know—but I have been told that siblings tend to be protective like that.”

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