Fiction: The Bench (199 words)

21 Aug

Aden and Bree sat together on their bench.  Well, of course it wasn’t actually their bench, it was just a bench in the beautiful little park, but from it they could see the beautiful little blue plague that marked the first Aden, her actual husband Aden’s death, put up six months after he was declared Missing in Action.  That was the bench they sat on when she told him that she was pregnant.  It was the bench they were sitting on when Bree finally started to realize that something was wrong.  It was where they had been sitting when Demi finally demanded that Aden tell Bree the truth, the whole truth of the situation before they retreated to private so that no one could overhear. So–it had become their bench, it became the place they went when they had to think. When they had to focus on each other.  When they had to figure out what was going on, the sat here. And today—it wasn’t giving them any answers. For the first time ever, this bench felt completely hopeless.

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Posted by on August 21, 2015 in Stories


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