Fiction: The Other Side (409 words)

19 Aug

Aden sat up quickly, and suddenly and felt all the pains and twinges that this body had been suffering for weeks, needle points up and down his arms and the tubes coming out of his side, the pounding in his head, everything that meant that he was back in his timeline, not trying to change the world anymore. It was good to see his Brenna again, to know her past exactly, and yet, as he looked her in the eye, she realized that he was already starting to miss the new Brenna, the different Brenna, the carrying the not quite but still his son Brenna.  He could never admit that.

“What happen? What went wrong?” he asked, even as he put a hand to his head as if that could somehow stop the headache.

“Nothing, nothing’s wrong,” Demi assured him quickly. “We’re maintaining the connection and we’ll send you back in just a bit–we’ve just found out something, and we thought we should tell you in person.”

“Well, what is it?” He asked, holding his head a little tighter, as if that would somehow stop the migraine. After a moment, their silence started to make him a little bit uncomfortable. That never meant good news.  He looked first to Demi, then to Brenna, and watched as they had a silent argument.  Neither of them wanted to be the one who had to break the news to him. “Please, Guys, What is it?”

“Aden, love,” Brenna started.  She always did have more courage than Demi for the bad news.  One of Demi’s few failings as a doctor.  Brenna slid her fingers in between Aden’s and he looked down at their hands so he could avoid looking her in the eye. “There has been a complication.”

“What kind of complication? Are the changes not sticking?”

“No, no, everything like that is working fine, you are building a better world over there.  But—“Brenna swallowed hard, and Aden finally built up the courage to look up at her face. “We can’t leave you there, Aden.  When it’s all said and done, when we sever the connection, you have to come back here, and their Aden will be dead again. We wanted to be able to fix it, we really did, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.  When the changes are made and the connection severed, you’ll be back.”

“Oh.” Aden’s voice was embarrassingly weak. “Oh.  I have to leave her again.”

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