Fiction: Losing Him (295 words)

17 Aug

I held my breath, and stepped away.  I couldn’t be of any help at the moment, and me panicking and hovering over Aden would not make the situation better in any way.  No, Demi had to be in charge here, she had to figure it out.    But, in spite of that, I couldn’t stop the words.  “He can’t die. Not again.”

“He’s not dying,” Demi answered easily, in that level voice I’d never understood how she could keep, even when it was her own brother on the table, “He’s phasing back. Your Aden is still dead, the new Aden is still alive. It’s just a question of on which side of the timeline they both are on.”  Demi then went on, casually explaining  the science of it, things that I wouldn’t understand, all the while, her hands moving easily, taking care of things, doing what she could to help the Demi on the other side of this–divide for a lack of a better word–and making sure that Aden would be comfortable.  “Basically we just have to trust the other Demi and Brenna to make sure that everything gets taken care of and that he gets sent back to us.”

“I just–I like this new Aden, almost as much as I loved my old Aden–and I need, Demi, I can’t lose this one too.  Not now.  Not yet.”

Demi looked away from Aden’s (oh god) body.  “I know, Bree, I know. But we’ve just got to hold it together. At least for a little while longer.  Trust the other side.  Aden said he’d be here permanently, didn’t he? We’ve got to believe he’ll be back.”

I covered my mouth with both of my hands and nodded.  Because what else could I do? What else could be done?

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