Fiction: Introductions (246 words)

16 Aug

Hana was not Conlyn thought she would be.  After all, Harlowe’s little sister must have had big shoes to fill, and he expected her to be a younger version of her sister, tough and built to fight, but that wasn’t Hana. Her hair was in soft curls that fell over her shoulders, and she wore a dress that was clearly more designed for the day-to-day workings of her life, then the ‘notice me’ outfits he’d seen Harlowe in since they came to their little town.  She greeted him with a warm smile and a happy tone, and Conlyn never felt like she was sizing him up or preparing to defend herself against him.  He could see why Harlowe was so worried about Hana, because he could see at least six openings where he could take advantage or gain the upper hand if he had been so inclined, and Hana didn’t seem to have any defenses set up against them.

But, she seemed a nice enough girl in the long run.  Even if she hadn’t been, Conlyn knew to be nice, because Harlowe would have easily kicked his ass if she so much as though he looked at Hana funny. If there was such a thing as an extreme over protective sister, Harlow would be the definition of it.

So, he extended a hand with a smile and gave a polite shake, “Please to meet you, Hana.  I’m Conlyn.  I’ve heard so much about you.”

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