Fiction: A Wedding (299 words)

16 Aug

“I wish Bobbi could be here.” Uncle Charlie tucked a curl behind Lot’s ear, and she smiled.

“Yeah. I do too. But, I think, and of course I would love to have everyone and if Mom could be here in person that would be my dream—but, Uncle Charlie I feel a little guilty even thinking this—but if Mom hadn’t died—Henry and Martin would be here, would they? They would still be angry, they wouldn’t know me or Colt. They probably wouldn’t even care if I was getting married.”  She shrugged and looked at her uncle, her mother’s brother, for reassurance that what she was thinking was okay.

“Yeah—yeah you’re right.  And I know your mother, I know she wanted you three to be a family again. I know that she didn’t want to die and she didn’t want to leave you if she didn’t have to. But I think that she would be glad that at the very least that something good did come out of her death, that you got the chance to know Henry and Martin and they got the chance to know you. It probably sounds silly, but I think that any time the three of you are together, being siblings, being happy, being her family—then Bobbi’s there too.  She’d be so proud to see you all.  She’d be so proud of you and Colt.” He kissed her gently on the forehead. “I still wish she was here for you.”

There was a tap on the door, and Henry (the oldest brother that Lot long missed) stuck his head in the door.  “Hey there. We ready to go? It’s about the time for you to do that marrying thing.”

“Yeah,” Lot smiled at her brother.  “Let’s go get me married.”

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