Fiction: Baby Number Two (268 words)

14 Aug

Marta was having flashbacks.  She and Avery had sat on this couch before, watching Bradley stack all of their worldly possessions by the door in a half-dressed and half panicked state.

There were only two major differences.  First of all, last time it was Marta who sat here looking like she had a watermelon shoved under her shirt instead of Avery. Secondly, their hand been a little boy gleefully running around Bradley, pulling items out of haphazard pile and putting them back into their proper places—only to have Bradley pick them up all over again.

“You know, this is a lot funnier the second time around,” Marta commented idly.

“You know, this is a lot funnier when you’re not the one in labor,” Avery countered, placing a hand on her stomach with a wince.

“Fair enough,” Marta agreed, “But you have to admit the addition of Arthur does add something to the mix.”

Avery smiled as Arthur laughed and carried away a bag that appeared to be filled with Oranges and Asparagus and shoved it haphazardly back into the fridge.  “Yeah, he does.”

They watched in amusement as Bradley scooped up Arthur and put him in the middle of the pile near the door.  Arthur giggled and started to crawl out, but Avery put a hand to her stomach and let out a slow whistle through her teeth.

“Time to go?” Marta asked carefully.

“Time to go,” Avery replied, and they both got off the couch, Marta to collect the boy and Avery to collect her husband.

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Posted by on August 14, 2015 in Avery and Marta


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