Fiction: Togetherness (284 words)

10 Aug

She had complete faith that it was going to work out for them in the end. After all, she just had a gut feeling about them, about him, and those things were hard to shake. But he had his protestations, and while they were rational, she didn’t really think they were too permanent.

Well, one was, and that was age. He was several years her senior and for him that was a real stumbling block.  He thought there was no way that they could be a partnership of equals with him so much older than her.  She thought that was bullshit.  That as long as he was good to her, and that she was good to him, and they promised not to look up or down on each other, that they could easily form a partnership of equals.  It all just came down to whether or not they could agree to such a partnership, and she believed that eventually he would be able to see that.

Whenever she dismissed the age thing, and asked him for other issues, he stumbled and stuttered and came up with another excuse or two, but really, it was the age.

If it remained an issue, then she would simply learn to live with the situation, and learn how to resign herself to just being his friend.  After all, a relationship was a two way street, and if he didn’t feel comfortable, then she wasn’t going to force him.  But, she had complete faith that it was going to be okay in the end.

Because when you find someone as good and comfortable and loving to sit next to you, you don’t just shrug it off and move on.

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