Fiction: Gut Feeling (167 words)

09 Aug

There was a strange feeling in the air.  The sense that something that was supposed to happen hadn’t happened yet. She wanted to get it done, clear the air, help everyone relax—including herself.  The problem was, there wasn’t anything else that needed to be done.  All the boxes were checked and the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.  Everything that could have been done was done.  And yet—they were all still waiting.

She looked around the group.  They were all trying to fake it still.  Sweet smiles that didn’t quite reach their eyes.  Conversations that came to an unexpected halt, and stubbornly refused to flow easily again.  They all knew something was off.  And if anyone knew how to fix it, they were keeping that information to themselves.

She tried to keep smiling as she looked up at the clock.  Only two hour and twenty three minutes left, and then everyone would go home.  And hopefully, they would take this awful feeling with them.

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