Fiction: Pre-Proposal Planning (401 words)

05 Aug

She had an easy way of making herself endeared to people. She was often the “little sister I never had” or “My daughter away from home” or some variation thereof.  Even though she was the oldest child in her family, and her parents weren’t exactly the protective type, Ellen had amassed quite a following of protective family members.

No one knew that better than Jason, when he considered proposing to Ellen, and with a small comment to a friend, and suddenly all of these surrogate parents and older siblings started popping out of the wood work, each baring a unique story about who they discovered how awesome Ellen was, and insisting he explain to them all his exact intentions.

He bared all of these meetings patiently, with a half-smile on his face.  He knew that all of these people found Ellen to be important, and in somewhat or another they were all important to Ellen as well.  That made them important to him.

Besides, they were all just confirming something that Jason already knew. There was something extraordinary about Ellen.  She was lovely and beautiful and there was just so much good in her that she attracted people like to her with ease.

And the stories were fun.  Each of them did have stories about Ellen at different points in her life. And with everyone he was told, he fell in love with her a little bit more.  And he saw a little bit more of the complete picture of her life.

When he had gone three whole weeks without an insistent well-wisher swooping in to demand they have lunch or dinner or drinks or whatever else they thought would allow them to make a judge of Jason’s character, Jason considered the ordeal to be complete. No one had told him not to propose, so he considered that to be a win at some level.  Unless, of course, they all ran straight back to Ellen and started to beg her to deny his forthcoming proposal. Which Jason supposed was possible, but then Ellen was really good at hiding it, and a much better actor than he’d ever imagined.  So, he just had to assume that he’d managed to impress, (or at least not severely piss off) her friends and surrogate family members.

And now, he could only hope that he had impressed her too.  At least enough for a simple “yes.”

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