Fiction: Graduation [Part 1 of 2] (530 words)

29 Jul

Graduation was more fun than I thought it was going to be. The way the seats lined up and the way our names fell, Josh ended up sitting directly behind me.

“We made it, huh?’ He whispered into my ear as I took my seat.

“By some miracle that I’ll never understand, we’re still standing,” I responded.  He patted me on the shoulder a couple of times, and then turned to talk to someone else in the group of seniors around us.  I turned back to look at the crowd instead. I wondered if my parents were going to come to this, since they had left me a gift and all. We have never talked about it.  I scanned the crowd quickly to see if I could pick them out of the crowd.  I couldn’t, but I wasn’t even sure that if they were there I would have been able to recognize them from this far out.

At the end of my scan, I looked up at the section where people from the Tree House usually tended to congregate. Since I was the only one graduating, and a lot of people had been at the pre-party which was still in full swing when I left, I figured that most of them would probably stay and party rather than sit through a ceremony for one girl.  I was thinking probably Shawn and Erin, maybe Nancy if Shawn dragged her along.  I was floored to see that there was a group of twenty or some people all talking amongst themselves.  One of the girls noticed that I was looking up at them, and she got everyone else to turn and wave down at me.  Shawn, Nancy, Erin, Adam and Emily we sitting in the front row of the group, and even Nancy looked genuinely pleased to be there, which I found to be mostly disturbing. Even still, I had to smile and wave back. They cheered, and gave me a thumb up across the board.

“Beth, will you help us end an argument?” Josh tapped me on the shoulder, and I turned around to face him.

“What argument?”

“Which is the better high school movie: The Breakfast Club or Charlie Bartlett?” Josh asked, both he and his friend sitting next to him watching me eagerly.

“Oh, The Breakfast Club, hands down.”  Josh’s friend grinned and gave me a high-five.

Josh shook his head at me. “You’re killing me, Davis.”

“Not my fault that you have poor taste, Josh.”  I replied with a grin.

“Bah. Turn back round, I’m done with you.”  He said with mock disdain.

I did turn back around, looking at the Tree House group once again. Nancy and Shawn were missing, so I scanned the crowd for them again, and saw them heading up the aisle, hand in hand.  I looked at my watch.  There was only fifteen minutes until the ceremonies were supposed to begin.  I wondered just how desperate they were to sneak off in a high school stadium filled with crazy families, and I hoped that they (or rather, Shawn, I couldn’t care less about Nancy) would be back in time for everything to start.

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