Fiction: Sisters (258 words)

15 Jul

“It’s broken! Fix it!”

Haley swatted at whatever was being pressed to her face without even opening her eyes.  “Go away, Gracie. I’m sleeping.”

“My phone is broken and now no one can contact me and my whole life is on this useless piece of metal and plastic in my hand, and you just want to sleep!” Gracie wailed dramatically, falling on to the bed across her sister.  “Would I turn you away in your hour of need?”

Haley sighed, and pulled herself up into more a sitting position, or as best as she could with her seventeen year old sister across her laps. “What’d you do to it now?”

Gracie handed up the phone, and Haley sighed.  The screen had doubled somehow, blurring everything.  “What did you do?”

“Nothing.  I was just texting Shannon and then this happened.”  Gracie said with a well-practiced innocence.  Haley stared at her for a second, not even slightly fooled.  Gracie sighed.  “I might have been taking a shower last night and leant out to check the message and dripped all over the phone and it looked like this when I woke up.”

“Go find a bag of rice in the kitchen,” Haley sighed, “I’ll see what I can do.”

Gracie kissed her sister square on the forehead. “You are the best sister ever I love you so much and never let anyone hide you under a bushel.”  Gracie skipped out the room, and Haley finally decided to look at the clock. 5:03 am.

“Grace Anne Craw, I am going to kill you!”

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