Fiction: Good Morning (416 words)

14 Jul

“Why me?”

Jaime looked up from his cereal as Erin spoke from where she was leaning against the kitchen counter, but couldn’t really make heads or tails of the question.  “I’m sorry?”

“Why me?”  Erin repeated.

“Why you what?” Jaime prompted.

“Why did you choose me–You have dozen of girls all more your style throwing themselves at you. Why would you pick me?” Erin asked, clicking the lid of her pen on and off again with her thumb–a sure-fire nervous habit if Jaime ever saw one.

“First of all,” Jaime got up from the kitchen table and crossed the room to wrap his arms around Erin’s waist, “You are my style, okay?  One hundred percent.  And if anyone tells you that you aren’t feel free to kick them, and if I ever make you think you’re not, feel free to kick me hard.”  Erin laughed, which was exactly what Jaime was going for.  That meant Erin wasn’t too far down the self-doubt rabbit hole.  “Besides–I didn’t pick you.  I fell in love with you.  Did you ever think you’d fall in love with someone like me? If you had been given a list of men to chose from for your true love, would you have ever thought I’d make it anywhere near the top?”   Erin scoffed in a way that Jaime might have found offensive if he wasn’t so sure in this moment that she loved him.  “See what I mean?  Can you play hooky today?”

“Jaime,” Erin whined a little.

“What I mean to say is can you call out of work today and not give yourself a stressed induced panic attack, do some work from home, and then spend the afternoon with me following silly whims and remembering why we work so well together?”

Erin considered it for a moment, so Jaime squeezed her a little tighter, and swayed them both back and forth on the spot, humming some stupid tune. Erin rolled her eyes and smiled a little.

“I can probably get away with it,”  She sighed, as Jaime’s swaying turned into a make-shift waltz and she let herself be swung around the room, “But you have to promise not to bug me until after 1 so I can get some work done from home.”

“Sure,” He promised, spinning her a little out, and then pulling her back in, “Just, one dance first.”

Erin laughed even louder as he tried clumsily to dip her.  “Okay, one dance.  Just don’t drop me on my head.”

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