Fiction: Something More (372 words)

10 Jul

When their relationship started—she thought it would last a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months at most. She was young and hot, and he was older and two years removed from a mess of a marriage which left him as the single father of a young daughter.  They’d worked together closely on a couple of projects, and she pulled his ass out of the fire a few times, once even playing emergency babysitter when he got a call in for a meeting with the Senior Partners, which was a direct link in the chain that lead to his promotion. He took her out as a thank you, one thing led to another, and then ended up groping each other in his car like they were teenagers.

He asked her out properly after that, and she was pretty sure he was just riding the fantasy of a forbidden by their employer romance with a girl almost ten years his junior, but he was hot and kind and she was enjoying the thrill of it a bit too, so she was willing to play out her part in that fantasy as long as she could.  She’d harbored a bit of a crush on him since her first day anyway and if this whole thing blew up in her fact, it was be the excuse she needed to move on to something new. After all, she liked to try new things every couple of years.

But weeks led to months and almost a full year passed and Justin started talking about reintroducing Peggy to his daughter Sarah, and talking to HR about getting permission for their relationship.  Even though the time had passed and she’d told him she loved him and felt that she meant it, a part of her brain had always expected the fantasy to come crashing down around her ears at any moment.  His public, official, announcement of their relationship, a sign that he didn’t see their relationship as drawing to a close but in fact just beginning, shocked her.  She panicked, suddenly wondering if this relationship meant more to him than it did to her.  But wasn’t going to leave.  She had to see how this turned out.

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