Fiction: Rescheduled (417 words)

06 Jul

Bette had fallen asleep sprawled across the couch.  A bowl of popcorn sat near where her arm dangled off the cushions.  The TV had long gone into sleep mode when no buttons had been pressed for hours.  It explained why no one had answered the door when Carter had knocked to leave Finn’s birthday present, or why no one answered the door when Carter had knocked to leave Finn’s birthday present, or why no one answer the phone when Finn called to say he was going to be late.  Bette had been out for a while.

Finn weighed his options.  He had been looking forward to Dinner all day and it was his birthday, but she hadn’t been sleeping well, and she was out like a light.  So—even though he pretended to consider it for a moment, he knew that he wasn’t ever going to wake her up at all.

He threw away the popcorn first, and turned off the TV so the little bouncing square quit dancing on the screen. After making sure that the bed was clear, and there wasn’t anything in the hallway to trip over, Finn returned to the couch for his wife.

He tucked his arms carefully under her knees and shoulders with relative ease, but as he lifted her he gave the smallest of jostles, and tried very hard to hold his breath for a second with the pointless hope that Bette might not actually wake up.

No dice.  Bette rubbed her eyes and seemed to realize that the distribution of her weight was off, so turned slightly towards Finn’s chest and tried to blink up at him.  “Finn?”

“That’s me,”  Finn said softly, “Stay asleep, we’re going to bed.”

“But—itser birfday.”  Better muttered, all while curling more into Finn’s arms, eyes already shut again.

“We’ll reschedule my birthday.  Get some sleep.”

Bette said something like “mmfk” and let herself be carried back to the room.  When Finn set her down, he thought that she was already out again, but as he crawled into his bed next to her, she suddenly propped herself up onto her elbows.  “Did you just say we’d reschedule your birthday?”

Finn blinked a couple of times before, “uh…Yes?”

“Can you do that? Reschedule a birthday?”  She demanded.

“I just did, didn’t I?” Finn responded.

Bette frowned, but then nodded slowly in the way only a half asleep person could “Well, okay then,” She agreed as she let herself fall back against her pillows.

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