Fiction: Top Floor Truths (362 words)

05 Jul

Andy didn’t have to think twice about where to look for Mara.  She’d been off the team for two and half years.  She’d stepped into the building all of three times in all that while.  And he still knew exactly where she would be.

He always got a little nervous n that last staircase, but he sucked it up.  He wanted to talk to her and she wouldn’t be coming down for a while. So he went up.

Mara was leaning against the rail, looking down off the edge of the building. Andy stuck to the wall near where the door led outside.  He waited.

“Ava needs to get better,” Mara said more to the wind then to her brother.  “Ava needs to get better so that Ava is better and Ava needs to get better so that the team can be the team and Ava needs to get better so that I can go home.”

“Yeah,” Andy said weakly, more because she needed to hear him say something, rather than because he had something to say.

“I can’t leave,” Mara finally turned around to face him, leaning her back against the railing now, and causing Andy to swallow another little wave of fear.  “I don’t want to stay, but I can’t leave.”

“I’ll run interference—“ Andy offered, “You and Colin and Diane don’t have to e in the same room a the same time for extended time.  Meetings with Ava’s doctor, and that’s it.”

Mara smiled, and as a gesture of kindness, stepped away from the railing to join Andy against the wall.  “I don’t want to make your life any more difficult than I already have.”

Andy took a breath of relief now that his sister wasn’t going to fall fourteen stories to her death.  “Life is going to be complicated any way we spin this.  Might as well help you out and let the two of them fend for themselves.”

“I just wish this all hadn’t gone so complicated.”  Mara sighed, sliding down to the base of the wall.

Andy sank down too and put an arm around Mara’s shoulders.  “Life sucks, sister.”

Mara scoffed.  “Yes, yes it does.”

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