Fiction: Silent Treatment (210 words)

21 Jun

Isa and Ayden weren’t talking.  This wasn’t an unusual situation in of itself.  There were a lot of times that Ayden pushed his luck and Isa knew the best way to punish him was the silent treatment. The train listened for the silence to break and took bets to try to figure out what Ayden had done this time. The longest run was forty-two hours, and that was when Ayden accidentally implied that their marriage wasn’t really a marriage until she decided to have kids.

But this time was different.  This time, Isa sat patiently outside, waiting for Ayden to talk to her again. This time Isa swore she wouldn’t make the mistake again, and knew that all she could do now was wait for him to decide that she’d been punished enough.

Everyone gathered around that night.  Everyone wanted to gossip, the desire to place bets was at an all-time high. But, not for lack of trying, no one could figure out what Isa would have done to make Ayden that mad.  After all, they had all once seen Isa insult Ayden and every ancestor of his she could name and imply they were all the lowest of the low.  What in the world could she have done now?

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Posted by on June 21, 2015 in Isa's Stories


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