Fiction: Waiting Room At Base (523 words)

19 Jun

To say it was awkward would be the understatement of a century.  Andy couldn’t decide if the fact that he was not part of the love triangle in the room, but just the fourth person bystander, made his position any better or worse. But no one was going anywhere—not while Ava was still hurt, her injuries adding an extra level of tension to the whole room.  He rubbed the back of his neck and wondered how bad this whole thing was going to get before it got better.

As soon as Diane opened her mouth, he knew the answer was a lot worse before gets better. And then a really evil part of his brain added if it ever got better.

“She’s not part of the team,” Diane insisted, “She shouldn’t be in the complex.”

“I literally built the room we are sitting in, if you’d like to try to kick me out, please be my guest.”  Mara was calm, which was scarier than the temper.

“Ava was her recruit.  If anyone has the right to be here while she recovers, it’s Mara,” Colin added with a little less tact than he should have.

“Besides, she’s family.  If I say she can stay here, then she can stay here.” Andy finished, with a stern look at Diane.

Diane leaned back in her chair, crossing her arm across her chest.  “We’re going to regret having her here.  This is going to end badly for all of us. I can feel it in my bones.”

“This is going to end badly for you if you don’t shut up,” Mara muttered only loud enough for Andy to hear.

“What, you’re psychic now?” Colin snipped, before pinching the bridge of his nose and groaning. “I’m sorry, Diane.  I’m just stressed over Ava’s injuries.  We all are.  You are not making it better by attacking Mara okay.  Lay off, and deal with your own insecurities on your own time.”

“Wow, Colin. Wow.”  Diane got up and left the room.

The silence hung in the room for about four minutes before Mara finally spoke.  “Go after her, Colin. Tell her all the things you know she wants to hear. The team can’t fall apart right now.”

Andy watched his hands carefully while he sensed more than knew that Mara and Colin were having some quiet conversation with facial expressions and small looks. Colin was right, Diane was dealing with a lot of insecurities, but they weren’t unfounded.  Anytime that Colin and Mara were in the same room, it was easy to see that they would still be together if circumstances allowed. It was easy to see how much they missed each other.  It was easy to see who they would be if they were given the chance.

Andy only decided to look up again when he heard Colin’s drag across the floor and footfalls towards the door.  He made eye contact with his sister, and tried to figure out which emotion was winning out behind her eyes right now.  “We good, Mara?”

Mara gave Andy her best ‘that was a stupid question’ smile.  “We will be.  We always are.”

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