Fiction: Fighting Fit (253 words)

16 Jun

River watched David and Jack train.  They had both been pretty good before Jay and Ross started teaching them, but their progress had been amazing.  River herself had technically improved the most, but that was mostly because she had absolutely no previous combat training—and it was really easy to improve from nothing.

Usually, when she sat to watch them, it was to follow their footwork, to watch the way they twisted their hips, to look for anything at all that might help her get on their level.  But today, she couldn’t focus on any of the details.  She was far too happy with the fact that they were both there and they were both fit enough to be fighting.  They had tried to kill all three of them—at least twice over—but they were still standing, still fighting, and that had to be worth something.  Jack and David seemed to feel the say, with the gusto and enthusiasm they were taking to this particular training session.

Jack tried something that River didn’t know was possible, and River winced as David hit the ground.  Everyone in the room held their breath as they waited to see—but then David laughed and held up a hand so that Jack could pull him back to his feet.  Even still, River could see there was an extra limp in David’s step as he made his way to get some water.  Maybe they wouldn’t have to wait for them to make another attempt—they’d kill each other with over practice and confidence.

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