Fiction: At the Alter (219 words)

15 Jun

“How is she?”

“Calm. Really calm.  Stoic.  Either this hasn’t hit her yet, or she knows it’s going to be a big explosion so she’s waiting to minimize collateral damage.”

“Poor thing.  I hope she realizes that we’d all forgive her anything for the next little while. Absolutely no one would want to be in her shoes.”

“I know.  I’ll remind her that she doesn’t have to keep a brave face for us.”

“I’m just so mad at him—you know?”

“Oh, I know.  I know.”

“I knew he wasn’t good for her, and I didn’t really like them together, and I didn’t think it was really going to last and all that other nonsense, but I never thought that he’d do this so—publicly.  I mean—her family is here.  Her dad flew in from freaking California.”

“I’m going to kill him if I ever see him again.  That may be an exaggeration, but at the same time, I feel quite justified.”

“Let’s get her out of here. Change her into something more comfortable.  Try to distract her.  Maybe try to binge watch something or other.  What do you watch after something like this?”

“I think you watch your best friend cry for several hours.”

“Yeah.  Yeah you’re probably right.  Come on, we’ve got a long couple days ahead of us.”

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