Fiction: The Test (369 words)

11 Jun

Elizabeth Micrada stood at the end of the pier behind her house.  It wasn’t particularly cold out, but Beth wrapped her arms tightly around herself anyway.  A couple weeks ago, Beth had turned of age, and today she was going with her mother to the Temple, along with everyone else who had turned of age in the past year, to find out whether or not she had any magical power worth training up.  And needless to say, she was nervous.

“Lizzie? Whatcha doing out here?”  Beth turned to see her ten-year old half-sister, Margie, standing on the shore right past the edge of the pier.

“Just thinking. Do you want to come out?”  Margie grinned and almost ran all the way to the edge of the pier to stand with her big sister.  Margie was never allowed on the dock unattended, so it was always exciting when she got to go out there.

“I think that Mommy is nervous,” Margie said as she wrapped her arms around herself in an imitation of her big sister.

“Why do you think Mommy is nervous?”

“Because she has to take you to take the test.  I think she’s afraid you won’t pass the test. She always gets angry when I fail tests at school,” Margie explained. Beth sighed, so Margie turned up to look at her.  “Are you nervous? Like Mommy?”

“Yes, I am nervous, like mommy.”

“Do you think you are going to fail your test?” Margie asked, taking a small step closer to Beth.

“It’s not that kind of test, Margie.  It’s not like school.  It’s more complicated than that.”

“How?” Margie asked.  Beth gave her a smile and ruffled Margie’s hair fondly.

“Don’t worry about it.  You’ve got time left, you can worry about it when you’re older.”  Beth laughed as Margie pouted. She hated being remind that she was the youngest.

“Elizabeth Anne, Margaret Ellen, you get your sorry butts back inside this house right now!” Beth turned to see her mother yelling through the open kitchen window.

“You’re right. She does seem nervous.”  Beth smiled at her sister.

“Would I lie to you?” Margie said shortly as they headed back towards their mother’s disapproving look.

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One response to “Fiction: The Test (369 words)

  1. Olivia Berrier

    June 11, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Cute 🙂 I love the little sister subtly imitating the older.


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