Fiction: Distraction (193 words)

09 Jun

“Stuck again?”

I turned away from the corner of the room and pulled my slightly mutilated pen cap out of my mouth, grinning sheepishly. “Whatever gave you that idea?” I tried to sound innocent.

“Well, you aren’t at your desk, you are chewing that pen like it’s the only food you’ve had in weeks, and you are really fascinated with whatever is being that bookcase.”

I deflated a little and showed him the little flashlight I had in my other hand.  “I think there is a piece of paper back there, but I can’t get the light at the right angle to see for sure, and I’m afraid to move the bookcase in case I knock everything to the ground.”

“So—stuck for a while then?” He laughed, stepping into the little office properly.

“Yeah,” I admitted begrudgingly, crossing to meet him halfway.  “Really stuck,” I added with frustration.

“Looking for a distraction?”

“Depends,” I eyed him, “What did you have in mind?”

He held out his arms a little to display himself, “Alcohol and me?” He offered.

I pretended to consider it for a moment before practically throwing myself at him. “Yes, yes please.”

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