Fiction: The Reveal (347 words)

07 Jun

SJ knew that his sister was not going to be happy to find out that their father was still alive.  SJ had recovered pretty quickly because—as his mother pointed out—she never told them that their father was dead.  They’d never gone to see a grave site, or talked about a funeral, or talked about what had killed him—she had just let them assume.  But Belle wasn’t the type to accept technicalities.

So—in a way—SJ hoped he wouldn’t be around when his mother finally decided to break the news to Belle.  Yeah, the fireworks might be entertaining, but it was also likely that he’d get hit by friendly fire. Then again, Belle wasn’t likely to be too happy with him when she found out he already knew.  So, maybe it was all six of one half a dozen of the other.  Really, the Ashford family was going to be quite an interesting show once their mom decided it was time for Belle to know.

And she did deserve to know.  SJ had told their mother to tell her ages ago, but respected his mother’s wishes to wait.  Maybe he shouldn’t have, but it was too late to do anything about that now.

He’d once had such a simple family.  A loving mother, a crazy but well-intentioned little sister, and a dead father.  Now he had a mother with a library full of secrets, a sister who was soon to be on a determined war path, and a father who may or may not know that the rest of his family still existed.  That was about as complicated as a story as SJ had ever come across—and this was a man who actually liked to read the “you’ll never believe this” tabloids in the shopping malls.

SJ decided that his best option for the moment was to just bunker down, try to get some rest, and enjoy the sort of simplicity of it all while he still could—because heaven only knew what was going to happen when the shit finally hit the fan.  He should be ready for anything.

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