Fiction: In the Public Bunks (316 words)

02 Jun

“You’re too good to them,” Nessa teased.  Thomas slipped an arm around her waist, holding her close.  He loved that he could do that now, whenever he wanted, no questions asked, no weird looks from anyone. And from the number of times in the past couple of weeks that she’d slipped a hand to the back of his neck and pulled him down for a kiss, he had a feeling she loved it to.  It was nice to be in the open about all these things. It was nice to have people on their side.

“I am too good to them.  But they’re good to me. And we know how hard it can be to have to stay in the public bunks all the time when we’re in love.  And with tomorrow, Brian…” Thomas trailed off, but Nessa understood.  Tomorrow, it was very likely that when Brian went on his mission he wouldn’t be coming back.  Perhaps Brian was okay with it, willing to give his life for this mission and all that other nonsense he was always spouting.  Perhaps Irma was okay with it because she knew very much who Brian was when she fell in love with him, and if he didn’t go then he wouldn’t be Brian.  But it was really hard for Thomas to be okay with it.  He didn’t really want his brother to die.  Perhaps that was selfish of him, but it was what it was.  So—if all he could do for Brian was to remind him what he had to come back, to show him that he and Nessa loved him, to let Irma love him in a way that none of them could—maybe that would be the fuel in the fire that Brian needed to get back to them all safely.  And if that was all he needed, wouldn’t that be worth it? Wouldn’t that all be worth it?

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