Fiction: Family Plans (352 words)

01 Jun

“How do you think it went?” Carlos asked as Abby set her bag down on the table just inside of the door.

She sighed. “Maggie is a slightly difficult sort, isn’t she?”

Carlos shrugged, because his wife wasn’t wrong—Maggie was a difficult sort, but she’d also saved his life and many of his friends’ lives a hundred times over—and that wasn’t the kind of person you insulted aloud. Even if it was true.  And even though he was the psychic, Abby picked up on what he was thinking, and moved the conversation along.

“I think it went well,” Abby poured herself a glass of juice and sat down at the kitchen table.  “I don’t think Maggie is officially on board quite yet, but I think that’s mostly just her boyfriend’s kid being carried by someone else.  Even if I knew it was our best option I think I would be a little creeped out by the thought of someone else carrying your child.”

“That’s fair enough, I suppose,” Carlos replied, smiling at his wife as they heard the pat-pat-pat of little running feet upstairs.  After listening to the patting make it’s way through the house, the little black-haired boy burst into the kitchen and wrapped himself around Abby’s leg.

“Do I have a baby brother?  What’s his name? Where is he?”  Oscar rattled off in that speed that only toddlers can properly manage.

“Oh, sweetheart, it doesn’t work like that.  Baby brother’s take a while.  He has to grow in Mommy’s belly for a while, and then he’ll still be too little to play with you for a while.  We have to practice being patient, okay?”

Oscar made a face that told both his parents very clearly that he did not want to practice being patient, but then he nodded. “Okay, Mommy.  I’ll be patient.  But I’m getting a baby brother, right?”

Abby looked up at Carlos, who made a silly, eyebrow raised, come hither look behind his son’s back, and Abby tried very hard not to laugh right out.

“Yes, Ozzy. One way or another, you will get a baby brother.”

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