Fiction: Safety (377 words)

27 May

“I’m jumpy? Are you jumpy? How are you not jumpy?” Brian paced back and forth across the living room.

Thomas leaned back on the couch, tucking another pillow up under his head. He tossed a little hacky sack up in the air and caught it again.   He wasn’t jumpy, but he knew the way Brian felt.  “Brian, you’re going to make yourself sick if you keep that up.”

“I can’t sit still, Thom. I can’t. I keep thinking that something bad is going to happen.  Someone is going to burst through those doors and do bad things to us or something.  I mean, don’t you feel it, Thomas. Nothing is safe here, we’re never safe.”

“I’m not saying drop your guard, Bri. I’m smarter than to suggest that to you.  But, I think, right now, we are safe.  We’re the first boys at Girlaldi in a generation, on our first day here, classes haven’t even started.  The whole world’s eyes are on us now. They would be stupid to make a move on us right now, like this.  So, no, we shouldn’t drop our guard completely because that is a sure-fire way to get ourselves attacked, but we can relax some. At  least enough that you can sit down, so I don’t feel like you’re making me seasick.”

“It would be stupid for them to attack us tonight, wouldn’t it?”  Brian sank down into one of the armchairs.  “Everyone is watching.  A good point well made, Thomas.”

“Thanks, Bri. I try.”

“I just feel them out there. Waiting. They want to strike and they want to strike fast.”

“They will always want to get us, Brian. You, and Ciara, and I are a persistent thorn in their side and they won’t want to rest until they put us to bed for good.  But, we need to find the time to relax where we can. Keep breathing and whatnot. Take the moments we can to breath, or else we will go mad. Understand?”

“I suppose.” Brian sighed and covered his face with his hands.  “I’m just not used to not having to look over my shoulder all of the time.”

Thomas cut a glance to the dark windows and felt his heartbeat pick up a step. “You’re telling me.”

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