Fiction: Lack of Plans (340 words)

23 May

“I didn’t plan for this.”  Erin was nearly in tears but Jaime didn’t know how to make it better. “How can we be ready for this if we haven’t planned?”

“I love you,” Jaime said, because it was all he could think of to say, “I love you such much.  You know that, right?”

That calmed Erin down a breath, even if it wasn’t much. “Of course I do, Jaime.  And I love you so much.”

“You may not have planned before, but we can start planning now.  And between your well thought out plans and my go with the flow luck, there isn’t anything we can’t beat, right?”  Jaime pulled Erin into is arms as she calmed down more and more.

“I guess so,” She mumbled, allowing herself to be wrapped up by him.

Jaime laughed, “You guess so?  Come on, Air, that’s literally the whole foundation that our relationship is based on.  Together, we can handle anything—right?”

“Of course, Jaime,” Her tone was only slightly sarcastically patronizing, and Jaime took that as a win.  Or at the very least as the best he was going to get today.

“Alright. If we can handle anything—then this is just another thing to handle.”

“It’s more than that,” Erin protested, “It’s way bigger than that.”

“True,” Jaime conceded, “But it doesn’t mean we can’t handle it.” Jaime felt Erin shrug in his arms. “Okay. Tonight, you and I have one more night of reckless abandon.  A celebration, because this is something to celebrate, you know—and then tomorrow I will take you to Office Max and we can buy a whole slew of new planning tools so that we can start these plans off right.  Sounds good?”

He felt a kiss against his collarbone before Erin sighed, “Thank you for calming me down, Jay.”

“Of course,” Jaime smirked, squeezing her a little tighter, “It’s what I’m here for.”

“Hey Jaime?”

“Yeah, Erin?”

“We’re going to be parents.”

Jaime found he couldn’t help but smile.  “I know.  And good ones, I hope.”

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